The Demon Design sail range is large and diverse. We have a catalogue of hundreds of sails with hundreds more sub versions. Listed below are our current recommended designs. If you have particular desires/needs/requirements and you do not think these sails are quite what you want, just ask, its quite likely we have worked on something similar before, and if we havnt, we do enjoy buiilding new things. Our Sailoft is set up for both the production of our standard designs as well as full custom build. We do not outsource any sailmaking, everything is built in our sailofts in France and New Zealand.

Longboard sails

Demon Design Sails have been making World championship winning racing sails since the 1980's. From the early Div 1 days, to the begining of the Raceboard 7.5 class , through Unlimited sail sizes and now to the current 9.5m/8.5m rules, Demon Design sails have won it all.

Flatwater sails

We really like lightweight sails, so when we design our sails we specify that lightweight is in the top few priorities for all our designs. We implement lightweight by good design (never an unnecessary seam) and by using the best fabrics. For Slalom sails its less weight and more fun

Wave Sails

Lighter stronger and better by design. Our wave sail range is very large and very diverse, from pioneering 3 batten and soft sails to classic 5 Batten designs and all built with our proprietry techniques in our own European sailloft