step away from the mainstream

Wave sails is our "thing" and we created a whole other brand to represent our ideas

Below are some of the designs and for the full information head over to www.5-oceans.com


For rockered wave boards and to be used small. Aramid "K" frame derived from the legendary Red River sails gives an extra kick to the spray of the cutback.

Freewave _4

4 Batten Freewave design for flatter rocker boards. Suits easily driven hulls, fast and fun with a flatter and looser upper section. Quick for big air.


The fractal is a variation of the freewave design. A shorter mast and a fatter head gives a somewhat more flappy sail for those who prefer it. Lots of low end power and a compact feeling.


Uber lightweight 4 batten, very upright sailing stance, instant response to sailor inputs. A significantly flattened luff curve over the other designs means the sail shaping is much louder. Super quick rotations.

Classic 4 batten.

With the other 4 batten sails in the range we decided to bias the classic 4 batten in favour of smaller and lighter riders, emphasising elasticity and comfort.


Flat rockers and fast boards, wave or freeride style. A chameleon. Can be built in small sizes but most people take this sail in the 5,7 to 6.2m size. Can be used in all wave settings and is just as happy ripping up the flat water.