About us


Demon Design Sails is a specialist sailmaking company, owned, operated and entirely staffed by Engineers.

Started In Cornwall UK by Sean Cox in the 1980's, Demon Design quickly gained a reputation for fast racing sails built from the best materials to often radically different design concepts. This is still true today. In a sailmaking world obsessed with branding, we are proud of our stance that branding must have close to zero impact on the form and function of our designs. Elegant functionality is our design philosophy. This philosophy permeates every aspect of our designs, where complexity is never used for aesthetic reasons, you will not see an aesthetic seam on a Demon Designed sail. If it doesnt need to be there, then it is not. In the early 1990's Kirsty and Matthew Burridge, joined Demon Design. Their initial role was to assist in the setting up of an R&D Sailoft in New Zealand, but as Sean spent more and more time in NZ they moved back to the UK and took over the European sailmaking. In 2019, with the disruption of Brexit, Demon Design relocated to France and into a brand new purpose built manufacturing sailloft. Substantial investment in state of the art sailmaking machinery, our capacity to produce has never been better.

matthew Burridge

sail designer

Master sailmaker, Design Engineer. Responsible for all of the development work of Demon Design sails, the manufacture of the sailsand the wave sail program at www.5-oceans.com  Matthew has been sailing/windsurfing for the last 38 years and working in the industry since the age of 15.

Sean Cox

Chief Designer

Naval Architect, Aerodynamist and Structural Engineer . Used to earn a crust designing Fighter aircraft for British Aerospace, on projects like the Tornado fighter bomber. Introduced pioneering design tools and methodologies to sail design decades before anyone else, yes decades. The hybrid finite element/paramatric modelling software Sean wrote for testing design ideas is still unsurpassed in windsurfing- he wrote the first version in the eighties.

Kirsty Burridge

sail maker

Master sailmaker and Engineer. Kirsty started with Demon Design in 1995 before a prolonged sabbatical as a maths and Physics teacher. Now back in the sailoft full time, kirsty's attention to detail shines through every sail she touches.