lighter faster stronger

Demon Design are the orginal lightweight scrim laminate sail designers. We have been using these fabrics in all our sails since 1984 and almost completely rejected monofilm (We do use it for windows) throughout those years. The reason? Good scrim laminates are lighter and stronger and importantly they have a stretch character. Stretch character means that the cloth has differeent stiffness at different angle of orientation and it means that if you have a clear plan you can do funky things with the loads that run through a sail. Funky things like changing the sail shape as it loads to increase its lift to drag ratio in a gust, or encouraging the mid leech to sag away and the top leech to stay tight in a cutback on a wave sail, thus loading the backfoot for a load of spray. It is no exaggeration to say that the rest of the windsurf world is stuck in the "stretch elimination" mindset, not really understanding how to use fiber grains.


The Windspeed is our freeride flat water sail, built light fast and fun. We prefer it in its twin cam form, but it can also be made as a rotational. Its windrange is biased towards lighter winds for its size, in this way you can choose a smaller sail for a given windspeed. It, like all other Demon Design Sails, is precise with instant feedback. What this means is that we do not build flat, floppy sails with vague power points. A Demon Design drive point/centre of effort is precise and identifiable and its gust response is the same with almost instant power up and acceleration. The Windspeed is designed with a fuller shape which allows the use of 1-1.5m smaller version over flat floppy sails for the same windspeed. Windsurfing is more fun with a smaller sail. This same characteristic makes the windspeed a very good foiling sail.



The C4 Slalom sail mk1 1 was built as a real world slalom/speed sail and the latest versions continue this tradition. The 4-Cam 6 batten design, with moderately narrow luff sleeves give exceptional efficiency especially in the middle of their wind range where the very quick acceleration is of most use. The sails morph in character as they get bigger, with the smaller sizes more speed oriented and the larger sizes more freeride focussed