Demon Design Sails are 100% built in our sailofts in France and New Zealand, we do not outsource any production.

The best sails require time and dedication to craft. When we come to build your sail we pay attention to detail, we assemble with care and we ensure that when it leaves us, it is the best it can be. All this takes time and as more people want sails than we have hours to give, we operate a waiting list. This changes through the year but is rarely less than a month, sometimes 2 months and averages 6 weeks.

Order Process.

The first step is to contact us and verify the best sails for your needs, special requests and modifications necessary for you.
Once decided we will supply you with an invoice.
We then take the full payment at the time of your order.
Payment gets you onto the build list, and the build list is fulfilled in strict sequence.
Dispatch upon completion (average 6 weeks from payment)


We charge for delivery at our cost price.
We will deliver worldwide.
For European orders we use either road freight or express services.
For Worldwide orders we use AIRFREIGHT. We are charged per shipping box and our boxes can hold 2 sails and 2 masts