The VG7 design is recognizable by its distinctive panel geometry, utilising a unique central spine of Aramid cloth (Technora) to transmit the loads through the sail. This is fundamental to how the design works and is radically different from any other sail. In front and behind this spine the cloth has designed in "flex" and it is the balance between the stiffness of the spine and the flex of the other panels that keeps the sail driving in control through the wind range. The VG7 is constructed from high end laminated sail cloth of European and USA origin. We have extensive experience designing and building with these cloths and our methods lead to very long sail life. It is normal to find 12 year old Demon Design Sails being raced competitively. Our construction techniques have been developed over the last 30 years and result in exceptionally well made sails. The best sails, in the best materials, with the best construction techniques, built by the best sailmakers and designed by the best sail designers.



This version is the all-wind/all-conditions sail available in 9.5, 8.5 and 7.5 sizes. 2019 World championship winning sail, dominating the strong wind event in Germany and winning 11 out of the 12 races during the week. This sail can be set from full tight leech powerhouse right through to flat loose leech blaster. Its useable and effective shape range is completely unmatched in the sailing world. All the sizes of the VG7_M2L use the same size/stiffness mast. The Demon Design 560/38. The VG7_M2L is the sail we recommend first for longboard use. Over a season/range of conditions its adaptability means it is the fastest sail available


The Lightwind powerhouse. In sizes 9.5/8.5 and 7.5 (all on the 560/36 Demon Design Mast) 2020 European champion sail 5 batten sail designed for sub 14 knot conditions. This sail is different to the VG7_M2l, it is VERY full and powerful and does not flatten in the head under downhaul like the M2L. The combination of shaping and panel geometry controlling the top of the sail make the 5B1 the most powerfully efficient sail currently made for Longboards. We are very specific when we talk about powerfully efficient, our sails produce powerful forward drive that means they can drive a longboards fast forwards. It is hard to imagine a more powerful pumping lightwind sail than the VG7_5B1.


New for 2022, The VG7_6B1 is blending the 2 other versions of the VG7 in a 7 batten panel layout. The 6B1 has a slightly narrowed sleeve in the upper sections, leading to quicker power ups and more aggresive acceleration. The panel geometry is subtely different through the mid sections, give more support to the mid leech, whilst allowing a softer top leech under load.



An explanation

The design of the VG7 is complex. For example the VG7_M2L has 17 panels in 7 primary materials (each having its own stretch character) with every panel having a different fiber orientation (critical to within 3 degrees) this gives several thousand design decisions even without considering 3d shaping and planform. All this complexity has a purpose, the VG7 has an enormous shape variation, which translates into an enormous wind range, and the VG7 is fast throughout.

The VG7_M2L in particular has the biggest effective shape range of any sail in windsurfing. There is no other sail available that can do what the VG7_M2L does. The VG7_M2L can be set up with a very tight leach and full camber from root to tip or as a flat and loose leached blaster (see the video below). The range of adjustment is complemented by the ability of the VG7 to auto adjust to the bumps and gusts of real world sailing and in combination gives the most efficient sail currently available for windsurfing. The Lift-drag ratio of the VG7 is incredible. When you get your new VG7 you will need to learn how to set the sail for maximum racing performance. The downhaul adjustment range is 120mm and the outhaul range is 100mm+. Every setting within these ranges is valid, don't be afraid to experiment. The VG7 rewards thinking sailors.

Lightwind set

This set has introduced shape into the top of the sail and tightened the leech. The overall camber ratio is high (10%) giving enormous power and torque the whole sail is generating forward drive and if pumped will drive the board forwards in a vastly superior way to a "flat and floppy" sail

Strongwind set

In this sail set the wind has increased and you want to reduce power. The upper sail is flattened and slightly twisted, on this 8.5m VG7_M2L you may use this shape in 18 knots upwind. It is too flat for good downwind racing speed. For maximum downwind speed reduce both downhaul and outhaul to go as deep and fast as possible.

Sail Detailing


The main panel material in the VG7 is laminated sailcloth from Dimension Polyant and Contender. These cloths have a high fiber content, lightweight film and are manufactured with the use of very high pressure rollers to properly consolidate the laminate. We use 7 different laminates in the VG7 (to shunt the loads where we want them), including three different Aramid(Technora) and four different Polyester and Pentex cloths. The window fabric is "O" grade Melinex from Dupont and is the best quality virgin film we can source anywhere.


The VG7 is designed to last several years of serious racing competiton use. We do not expect any significant reduction in performance over this period. The materials used and the reinforcing design all aim towards this. The corner reinforcing is designed to add stiffness and load distribution out of the corners and into the fibres of the sail body laminates. When specified to do this it means the corners are massively strong. The batten pocket seams are discontinuos membrane joints and act as significant rip stops

Clew and Tack blocks.

Allen Brothers Blocks at the tack and clew of the VG7. These high quality, low friction blocks make sail adjustment effortless. Mounted on Nylon plates which distributes the corner loads out into the reinforcing patches. Each plate is fixed to the sail using 7 solid aluminium rivets. This system is designed for lightweight but long service life. 30mm Blocks at tack and 20mm blocks at clew.


B.E.S.T. The Demon Design Batten End Stabilisation Tie (B.E.S.T) is a completely user friendly form of cam. We use them on every full length batten on the VG7 and they ensure we can get the sail shape full from root to tip. We use three different sizes and 5 different configurations to perfectly match the luff tube and mast diameters through the sail and to give a smooth leading edge. They are bolted through the sail, there are no spacers or bits to fall off or break.


Adhesive It does not matter how good your sail cloth is if you don't have a good adhesive to stick the sail together. The glue/adhesives take virtually all of the loads that run through the sails, the stitching is there to stop the panels peeling apart. If the stitching fails a sail usually remains useable, if the adhesive fails the sail soon falls apart. We use very special acrylic adhesive with a mylar carrier.This double sided tape has proven its long term adhesion for the last 25 years, hideously expensive, its also the best for the job, so its what we use.


Battens Since 2018 the batten sets have been, as standard, multipiece Carbon/Glass tube-rod sets. We use 7 different sections of carbon/epoxy and glass epoxy tubes’n’rods to make the battens. Each batten in the sail is specifically designed and made for its location. The Batten sets fitted as standard have been tuned for their specific sails. So the VG7_M2L batten set has a good balance of lightwind to strongwind performance and the VG7_5B1 battens are built for sub 14 knots performance. It is possible to further tune your sails with different batten options to suit yourself, conditions, daggerboard and sailing style, but we always recommend starting with the standard batten sets.